If you are feeling sick you should isolate yourself at home and get tested for COVID-19. Feeling sick can be anything as minor as a stuffy or runny nose or as severe as a high fever or frequent cough. It is usually best to obtain a PCR test, as rapid tests are often falsely negative for the first few days after symptoms start. You should isolate yourself at home until you receive your test results. When isolating, you should separate yourself from other people in your household by staying in a separate room and using a separate bathroom if possible. If this is not possible, make sure everyone is wearing a mask and socially distancing at all times when around each other.

If your results are negative, you may end isolation but should wear a mask around others while symptomatic to prevent the spread of your viral illness. If your results are positive, you will need to continue isolation for a minimum of 5 days from when your symptoms began. If you are still feeling sick after 5 days, continue isolating yourself and speak with your doctor. If after 5 days your symptoms are improving and you have had no fever for 24 hours, you can end isolation but should continue wearing a mask around others for an additional 5 days. 

You can book an appointment to schedule COVID-19 PCR testing or simply speak with a doctor about what to do next when you’re not feeling well.