You can update your email address and phone number both in the app and on your web browser. In order to change your profile information, follow the steps below. 


On the home screen, go to the bottom right corner, find the 3 dots and click "More." 

From the menu, select "Profile."

Here you will see your Radish profile - select "Personal Information."

Select the "Edit" button at the bottom to make changes or updates to your information. Once finished, please select "Save" to keep your recent changes.


Web Browser

Go to “My Profile” under the person icon in the upper right corner (see below)

Click the “Edit” next to the field you would like to change (Mobile, email, etc…)

Enter your new information and choose “Save”

To upload your insurance information, please visit our Help article here. You are also able to upload your insurance info when you book your first appointment. 

Please note that all data collected is private and protected according to HIPAA laws. We keep your confidential information within the highest levels of security and only use it to provide you with medical care that keeps you safe and healthy. Your data will not be shared with anyone.