You will need to add insurance in order to book an appointment with our providers. You can easily add your insurance by logging into our app or logging into your patient portal via web browser/desktop.


On the home screen, go to the bottom right corner, find the 3 dots and click "More." 

From the menu, select "Profile."

Here you will select "Insurance Provider" - please take a photo of the front and back of your insurance card.

Click save once you are done. 

Web Browser

To add your insurance information, go to the Patient Portal and click “Add your insurance information” under the Take Action section of your portal.

Next to “Insurance Information”, click the edit box (see below). Manually enter your ID number, Group, Group #, and Plan (if applicable). Be sure to click the Save button after you enter your information!

Enter your Insurance Information

You will also need to upload pictures of the front and back of your insurance card by clicking the box with “+ Add Card” (see below) and choosing “Select Photo”. You can take photos using your mobile device or scan your card directly to your computer with a scanner.  Photos can be selected from your desktop images or camera roll, if you are using a mobile device. Use the arrows to rotate the picture of your card, if necessary.

Desktop view of Radish Health Patient Portal. Interactive Address link is boxed in red on the bottom left, and interactive Insurance update menu is boxed in red on top right

Add pictures of your insurance card

Please note: You are also able to upload your insurance information when you book your first appointment with us! See detailed instructions on 'How to Book an Appointment' here.